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Protecting Your Ability To Practice Through Strong Malpractice Defense

Having a patient sue you for dental malpractice can be an upsetting experience. You know that you take the utmost care in treating your patients and work diligently to provide quality dental treatment. Despite your best efforts unintended results may occur due to the inherent risks of treatment. When a lawsuit occurs, you need an experienced New Jersey dental malpractice defense lawyer on your side.

At Schechner Marcus LLP, we serve the dental and medical professionals of New Jersey. This is what we do and we do it well. We dedicate ourselves to helping you address the legal issues involved in your profession so you can continue to focus on your practice. We are your advocates and your guides as you face the difficulties and stress that a malpractice suit or a challenge to your license can bring. We have represented hundreds of your peers; we will help you get through this too.

Union County Dental Malpractice Defense Lawyers

Most inquiries before the State Boards do not result in the suspension or revocation of your license. You may be required to attend continuing education courses, pay a fine or face other penalties but you may be allowed to continue to practice. We evaluate your situation and put it into perspective for you. If you are being sued by a patient, we work with your insurance carrier and provide a complete defense during the pretrial period: representing you in depositions, retaining experts to review your treatment to determine whether it met the standard of care and representing you through a jury trial and if necessary the appeal. In the event there is a jury verdict or settlement, we will help you respond to the National Practitioner Data Bank review by the state licensing board. We will defend you in hearings if you are called before your board.

Our attorneys review your treatment chart and meet with you to discuss what happened. We educate you on what will happen during your case. We understand that this can be a long and stressful period for you and we will be by your side for all of it.

We represent dental professionals in a variety of malpractice issues, including:

  • Nerve injury
  • Wrongful extraction
  • Death
  • Failure to diagnose oral pathology
  • Failure to inform of risks of the procedure

We understand your concerns when faced with a malpractice or state board issue. We will work diligently to protect your ability to practice to help you continue to do what you love.

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