New Jersey Dental Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyers

Defending You And Your Practice Against Mistakes That Trigger Accusations Of Fraud

As a healthcare professional you may accept insurance plans and Medicaid as part of your practice. These entities constantly monitor your practice for possible instances of insurance fraud from their providers. If you and your practice are audited for suspected fraud, you need an experienced New Jersey dental insurance fraud defense attorney on your side.

At Schechner Marcus LLP, we serve dental and medical professionals and we do it well. We have experience handling fraud cases for our clients. Our knowledge and experience regarding the legal aspects of dental and medical practice is highly regarded in the medical, dental and legal communities. Our firm handles dental insurance fraud defense, medical insurance fraud defense and prescription fraud defense.

Union County Medical Insurance Fraud Defense Attorneys

Insurance companies and Medicaid are cracking down on fraud by dentists and doctors. A random audit may find incorrect record keeping in your system. If you are unable to provide the correct documentation, you may be asked to return monies to insurance companies for other patients similarly treated.

Audits may be triggered by the following:

  • Pre- or post-dating treatment in order to obtain coverage for a patient
  • Failing to collect a co-pay at the time services are rendered
  • Unusual prescription patterns to a patient outside of the normal recommendations or allowances by the insurance company
  • Unusual prescription patterns
  • Submitting claims for coverage for noncovered services
  • Upcoding issues

Our lawyers thoroughly review your billing and record keeping practices, to develop the best defense available to you. We analyze your situation, attend pretrial hearings and negotiate with the insurance company or Medicaid investigators in the Office of the Comptroller on your behalf.

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